Dr. Latif Hasan also know as Araz Qarabaghli the leader of NEW SANAM[/caption]
Mr. Latif Hasani also known as Araz Qabaghli’s health is in imminent risk.
Mr. Hasani’s spouse has indicated in her social media release that her husband was moved to the solitary confinement of the Evin Prison 45 days ago. According to MS. Azam Piri, her husband is being starved as the Ettelaat, Iran’s Intelligence Spy Agency is providing the political prisoner with 3 cups of tea and 4 sugar cubs per day with no solid food.
In her social media plea for help Ms. Piri wrote that her husband may go into coma as a result of no food intake.

Mr. Hasani, the chairman of New South Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement ( YENI GAMOH) was convicted of “establishing unlawful organization (Yeni GAMOH) to subvert the Islamic regime” and sentenced to 9 years prison term. He was being held in Rajai Shahr Prison. However, the Prosecutor ordered him to be relocated to the Evin Prison for “security purposes” earlier in May 2017.

State of other Prisoners:

It is also reported that the other South Azerbaijani activist Habib Sasanian’s health is deteriorating as he was moved to emergency care due to his lengthy hunger strike.

Siyamak Mirzai who is sentenced to 10 years in prison for human rights activities has continued his hunger strike demanding his appeal hearing.

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