Turks were on the main streets of almost all major cities of S. Azerbaijan to protest the explicit hate speech published on the “Tarh e Nou” Newspaper last week spreading hatred against Turks and women.

People in Urmia, Tabriz, Ardebil, Zengan, Sulduz, khoy, Khiyav and even Tehran and Qashqayes of Shiraz gathered in the main streets and major squares to demonstrate their anger and demand the racist government of Iran to cease dissemination of hatred about Azerbaijani Turks. Notorious Police bikers and Special Forces were brought to suppress the massive protests.
In Tabriz, Urmu and some other cities clashes between the police and the protesters resulted in many protesters getting injuries. Injuries mostly were caused as the biker police run over the civil protesters.

South Azerbaijan_Iran supresive police bikersNumerous arrests have been made. The identities of 25 peaceful protesters have been established as of yet: Salman Araqi, Vahid Safari, Cavad Alizade, Farhad Suleimanpur, Husein Bostanchi, Mahamad Hadi Abbaszade, Mehrab Kazemlui, Said Varmazyar, Ruzbeh Piri, Ali Jabbar, Ali Hedayati, Ali Dabbagi, Mehdi Hajizade, Mahmmad Jolani, Morteza karimian, Ahmad Mohamadzade, Vahid Sadegi, Huseyn Balakhani, Ali Ibrahimi , Ms. Nir Fathalilu and Ms. Mariam Fahalilu were detained and taken to the Ettelaat. It is feared that the detainees are being subjected to torture and inhuman treatment.

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