Solo Turkic Publisher of “Iran” Arrested

Mr. Yusif Farzane, the only Turkic publisher of Tehran has been detained by the racist regime of Iran. Reportedly, he is being held at the Ettelaat Detention facility of the Evin Prison in Tehran.
Iran’s notorious intelligence officers stormed into Mr. Farzane’s publishing company ” Andishe Nou” conducted a search and confiscated hundreds of books, computers, discs and other materials.
The Azerbaijani Turkic, is de facto forbidden in Iran, despite the fact that Turkic is spoken by over 50 per cent of population in Iran.

“Andishe Nov”_ New Thought” was the only publishing company which was allowed to publish books in Turkic after they are passed through the aggressive censorship of the racist regime of Iran.

Last month a group of Persian supremacists of ” Pan Iranist Party” attacked Mr. Farzane’s Turkic Book exhibition in Tehran, destroyed and burned Turkish books and injured the librarians and readers.

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