S. Mirzaei a south Azerbaijani human rights activist and political prisoner, declared in an open letter to the management of the Evin prison that he has gone on an indefinite hunger strike in a protest to his unlawful capture and imprisonment by Iran’s intelligence agency. He demands his immediate release.
Mr. Mirzaie was abducted in his home city of Parasabad Mugan on June 14 of the last year, subjected to torture in the holding centers of intelligence offices of Ardabil and Tehran. The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Tehran has found Siamak “ guilty” of breach of national security of state and sentenced him to 10 years of prison and 2 years exile to the remote city of Tabas in Khorasan province.

Mr. Mirzaie has appealed the tyrannic sentence of Revolutionary Tribunal which was scheduled to be heard on June 17. However, the appeal has been adjourned to an indefinite date under the Ettelaat’s influence.

Mr. Mirzaie is an Azerbaijani activist who has peacefully struggled for human and cultural rights of over 30 million South Azerbaijanis.

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