Racist Education Minister Orders Complete Ban On Minority Languages

The Minister of Education of the Islamic Republic issued an order directing all schools and education centers in the country to fully ban even speaking of any language other than Farsi in the school property. Minister Mohammad Bathaee indicated in his order that “the Farsi is our red line and in the ethnic areas teachers’ attempts to explain some concept in their local language to the pupils is not acceptable.” He alleged that speaking any language other than the “official Farsi” puts the “unity and national security” of the Islamic Republic at serious risk and this “unlawful practice” must end immediately. The order has sparked a wave of objections in the country.
The South Azerbaijani politicians such as Urmia’s MP in Iran’s parliament Mr. Hadi Bahadori in his speech at the the Parliament condemned the Education Minister’s most recent order, calling it unacceptable. He said “if Farsi is you red line, Turkic is our red line” and called for withdrawal of the order. He also demanded education in Turkic language in South Azerbaijani provinces and settlements.
Even the Supreme Leader’s religions proxy in Azerbaijan, Ayatollah Al Hashem openly criticized the order and stated actually we demand education in Turkic. He indicated that “we love Azerbaijan and our mother language.”

Pictured a Turkish School-er Taped her mouth in protest of ban on her mother tong; in one hand holding her Farsi Book for 4th Grade and on the other hand holding a slogan Which reads:” School in Turkic Language”

IRI has refused to abide by Article 15th of its own Constitution which allows education in ethnic languages along with Farsi which is recognized as the official language. The languages of non-Persian ethnics, such as Turkish of South Azerbaijan, Turkmani of South Turkmenistan and Turkic of Qashaqaies, Arebic of Alahwaz, Baluchi, Lori, Kurdi, Gilak, etc is band from the schools and universities.

Since pupils are unable to understand Farsi, sometimes teachers are forced to provide verbal explanations of some concepts in the ethnic languages. IRI has a very high illiteracy rate in the ethnic regions 48% since ethnics are banned from education in their mother tongs.

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