Number of Detainees at Babek Castle Reaches 100

The Mass detention of Azerbaijani activists attempting to participate the annual commemoration of Babek at the Bazz Castle of Kalaibar is continued. The number of detainees is reaching to 100. Only the identity of 40 detainees has been determined as of yet.

“Morteza Parvin”, “Hujjat Fekri”, “Ali Roohbakhsh” and “Mohammad Azad” are four Ardebil activists were arrested on the evening of 5th of July at the entrance to the city of Kalaiabr. Along with others Sahand Maali were arrested by security forces of Sarab this afternoon.

“Ali (Ayat) Kheirjo”, “Tohid Amir Chamani”, “Meysam Golani” and “Ali Golani”, four other activists of Ardebili along with “Qasim Mahmudi” and “Mahmoud Mahmoudi”, two activists from Kalibar at the entrance to Babak castle, were arrested in the morning of the 5th of July.

Sajjad Shahiri, Ali Zia Gargari, Sayed Karimi were arrested by intelligence agents and transferred to a detention center in Ahar.
Azerbaijani artist Abbas Nikkuran of Salmas has been arrested from his office.

Several activists including Ulduz Qasemi and Ashkan Saatapur have been detained in the city of Urmia. “Majid Naghizadeh” was detained in Ahar, “Jawad Ahmadi Yekanally” and many more were detained in Khoy and Marand, “Mehdi Aghdari” and “Rahim Norouzi” in Ardebil.

In the past 2-3 days, Abbas Lisani, Asgar Akbarzadeh, Rahim Gholami, Saeed Sadeghifar, Mehdi Houshmand, Abdollah Houshmand, Ebrahim Nouri, Jafar Roodami, Sajjad Golani, Faraj Nuri, Morteza Yazdani, Kiumars Islami, Sajjad Abdoli, Rahim Sassanid, Morteza Mohammadi, Ali Vaseghi and Sajjad Sedghi in Ardebil Tehran, Urmia, Tabriz and Bostanabad have been arrested.

Ali Lesani “and” Mehdi Lisani “, two sons of Mr. Lesani visited the Ardebil Revolutionary Court to obtain information about their father. However, they were handcuffed by the court security and kicked out of the court.

The ceremony for commemoration of Babak Khorramdin, the national hero of Azerbaijanis, will be held on July 05th by participation thousands of people from different parts of Azerbaijan and will continue until tomorrow evening on July 6th.

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