Moradpour released on 65th day of hunger strike

Araz News: Morteza Moradpour Symbol of Resistance has been released from Tabriz central prison yesterday 29 Dec 2016. morteza-moradpourhis mother’s request on 28 Dec.

Morteza Moradpour after being released was taken to Medical center of Tabriz city due to physical weakness, kidney problem and other health problems resulting from long hunger strike.

Mortaza Moradpour had a long-term hunger strike protest and caused much concern about his health and safety. It should be noted that Mortaza Moradpour demand for applying section 134 of the law to let him released after 2 years in prison. Mortaza Moradpour started a hunger strike on 25 October 2016.

Many human rights and political activists hold peacefully demonstration in South Azerbaijan and many other countries to support Mortaza Moradpour rights . Also, the number of South Azerbaijani was arrested during these protests by Iran regime security forces.

Two of Tabriz representatives in Parliament wrote letters to Iran’s judiciary and called attention to the legal demands of Mortaza Moradpour.

He is under specialist medical care due to the very critical health condition after 65 days of hunger strike.

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