Jamal Musavi’s Prison Sentence Upheld By Upper Tribunal

Dr. Seyid Jamal Musavi Nejad of Sarab, South Azerbaijan’s appeal to the Provincial Revolutionary Tribunal has been rejected and the upper tribunal has upheld the 1 year prison sentence against the political activist ordered by the tribunal of Sarab.

The Ettelaat- security forces attacked the house of an Azerbaijani activist in the past few months, searched the home, confiscated his mobile phones, laptops, books and manuscripts and detained him. The activist was charged with “Anti Government Propaganda” and “Insulting the the Supreme leader” in the Telegram Chanel which he was moderating. He was released later on a bail and later was sentenced to a year in prison.
Mr. Musavi Nejad is a well known activist as he has been promoting ethnic and cultural rights of South Azerbaijanis for many years.

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