Iran’s Intelligence Service Attacks Hasan Azerbaijan’s Funeral

Iran’s Intelligence- Ettelaat’s agents stormed into the Atilla Chapchi’s Printing House in Tabriz City to seize all the Turkic signs and announcements published for the mourning ceremony of Hasan Demirchi also known as Hasan Azerbaijan.

The signs and announcements were issued for the mourning ceremony of the Tubaiya Mosque, which Iran’s intelligence agency prevented from taking place due to “security reasons”.
Hasan Damirchi was one of most experienced South Azerbaijani cultural activists, a poet and a successful musician. He passed away on June 24, 2018.

His funeral was carried out under tight security and scrutiny measures including detention of some activists. Akbar Azad, Hasan Rashedi, Bahran Saadati, Turan Hajber were among the activists arrested as they were traveling from Tehran to attend the funeral.
They were held in Zangan Intelligence Services and released after the intimidation and length interrogations. According to Mr. Rashedi, the Ettelaat agents were asking them “why would they want to attend a separatist’s funeral.”

Hasan Demirchi, a well-known Azerbaijani musician and Turkish cultural figure, was taken to Ali Nasab Hospital of Tabriz due to a heart attack. Reportedly he died suspiciously due to lack of proper care of the Hospital on June 24th, 2018.

The funeral of Mr. Damirchi’s was held on 25th of June attended by thousands of Azerbaijanis despite all restrictions caused by Tehran regime. Damirchi was buried in the cemetery of Vadi Rahmat in Tabriz.

He had spent many years in prison of former Pahlavi regime and the current Islamic Republic merely due to his advocacy for the ethnic rights of the South Azerbaijani people.

Mr. Damirchi played a unique role in the development of Azerbaijani culture and music and the promotion of the political and national consciousness of the South Azerbaijani people.

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