Iran’s Intelligence Agency Detains 11 Year Araz Amani

Many South Azerbaijani patriots were detained in connection with the ceremony of deceased patriotic activist Gulamrza Amani and his two brothers who were commemorated in Tabriz, South Azerbaijan. The Iranian intelligence Agency Ettlelaat had gone to the extreme to make arrest of Gulamriza Amani’s 11 years old son, Araz Amani.

Despite heavy presence of security forces, a protest took place on October 26 at the “Maralan cemetery” on the graves of Gulamrza Amani and two of his brothers. Along with the family of Amani, the ceremony was attended by many activists from different parts of southern Azerbaijan.
Intelligence agents stormed into the residences or workplaces of many activists such as, Ramin Jabrayil, Jalil Tarin, Ibrahim Ranjbar, Sajjad Afruzian, Sadulla Sassani, Ms. Hakima Ahmadi and many others and arrested them.
Araz Amani 11 was detained a day prior to the ceremony and released a day after his father and uncles ceremony which caused enormous anger amount the South Azerbaijanis against the chauvinistic regime of Tehran. The boy has suffered enormous shock and distress.

Gulamrza Amman died/killed on October 23, 2008 with two brothers in a suspicious traffic accident. The “accident” was suspected to have been plotted by the Intelligence Services of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard aka “Sepah.”

In recent days, Doctor Maharram Kamrani, Ms. Nasim Sadiqi and Rza Zarei were also detained by persian regime for their civil rights activities.Commemoration Ceremony of Amani Brothers, Tabriz, South Azerbaijan

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