Iran’s Intelligence Agency Detains H. Alimohammadi

The South Azerbaijani civil rights activist, Hussain Ali Mohammadi has been detained by Iran’s security forces on February 27 and transferred to the Central Prison of Tabriz.

The Azerbaijani activist was detained by security forces on his way to work in Tabriz on Tuesday held in the Intelligence Office and tlater on transferred to Tabriz Prison on March 2nd, 2018.

H. Alimahmadi is a known figure to Iran’s intelligence agency, Ettelaat since he was previously arrested on November 4, 2013 along with another Azerbaijani activist, Mr. Taha Kermani. They were subjected to harsh treatment and torture while in Ettelaat’s custody to obtain “confession” which used against them in the Revolutionary Tribunal.

After six months of unlawful detention Mr. Alimohamedi was released on bail followed by sentencing of three years in prison on charges of Anti-state propaganda by the 3rd Tabriz Revolutionary Court. His appeal was unsuccessful and the verdict remained in force by the Court of Appeal.

H. Alimahammi was also sentenced to another 10 years in prison for another anti-regime activities; however, that conviction was later overturned and reduced to 2 years in prison by the Appeal Court.

The activist was released from Tabriz’s Central Prison on August 6, 2017 following a three-year sentence.
However, he has been summoned by Ettelaat for “questioning” on Feb 27 and transferred to jail on March 2nd possibly to serve the other conviction.

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