On Tuesday 19 July 2016- people of Boldaji (The Turk region in central province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari) objected to transfer water from the Choghakhor wetland to the Steel factory of Sefid-Dasht.

The peaceful protest of Boldaji people stopped by Iran regime ‘s forces and violent clashes erupted between Qashqai people of the region and the regime’s oppressive forces.

The regime attempted to stifle a protest by locals against the re-distribution of the town’s water pipelines, setting off an angry crowd, who set the regime’s local court on fire.

Witnesses say at least 50 people were arrested and dozens were injured and killed.

According to receiving information from the Araz News agency, five members of the City Council of Boldaji resigned from their responsibility to protest against the unreasonable decision of authorities in deploying special force to the oppression of Boldaji‘s people.

Mr. Naser Karami, Climatologists and university professor at Bergen in Norway sated that Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province was among the most water regions of Iran, but now we can have observed more than 500 villages in the province are supplied by water tankers.

Eyewitness footage at the site shows the regime’s forces against the people.

It should be noted that Boldaji region is a Qashqai Turk (Turkish) region and the majority of the people speak Qashqai Turkish.

Source: Araz News

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