Hospitalized Torture Victim Sentenced To 1 Year Prison

The South Azerbaijani teen, Salar Tahir Afshar was sentenced to 1 year by the Revolutionary Court of Iran in occupied Urmia, Southern Azerbaijan.

Niether the accused nor his defense lawyer were allowed to attend at the ” ex-parte trial”.
Iran’s court officials in Urmia have refused to provide the text of the verdict on the ground of ” national Security”.

The 17-year-old Azerbaijani teenager was detained by the security forces at the Urmia’s “Gullar Park” park on July 7,2018, when he was simply distributing candies on the birthday of Babak Khurramdi, the historical hero of Azerbaijan who fought against Arab-Islam invasion. Slar was detained by IRG’s Intelligence where he was tortured and was temporarily released on a 50-million-bail.

Activist was subjected to such physical and mental torture by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard- Sepah that he was twice taken to emergency of Arefiyan Hospital.

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