The south Azerbaijani political prisoner, Habib Sasanian has been transferred to hospital and subjected to forced feeding through his veins after his condition aggravated due to his over 40 day long hunger strike. He began his hunger strike on June 12 in protest to his arbitrary imprisonment of over a year. Within more than a year captivity Mr. Sasanian has not been arraigned by court.
His wife met him on July 17th for the last time and she described that she could not identify her as he lost a lot of weight.

Sasaniyan was arrested on May 15 of 2016 for allegedly establishment of a para-military group of GAMO- Southern Azerbaijan National Army along with 5 other activists Mehdi Amirinejad, Hamid Saqafi, Babek Avand, İsmail Afkhmi və Yunis Rəhimi some of whom were released on bail. However, Iran’s intelligence agency Ettelaat opposes Mr. Sasanian’s temporary release despite the fact that he is suffering from some risky illnesses.
The trial of GAMO members was held on July 17; however, Mr. Sasaniyan refused to participate in the proceeding.

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