Residents of Novruzlu – Hasratan village located at the border of South and North Azerbaijan were shocked to hear that Ettelaat agents stormed into the village and shot an Azerbaijani activist dead on 20th August 2016.
In an exclusive interview Mr. Babak Chalabiyanli the spokesperson to National Resistance Organization of South Azerbaijan and the victim’s close friend told VOA Azerbaijani services that the Ettelaat agents stormed into Sayyad Nejadali’s house to conduct a search without warrant.

The agents started to beat up the activist and his family members. Sayyad attempted to call the neighbors for help and shouted out of the window “help us! the government agents are killing us!” As he attempted to get out of the window the other secret agents stationed outside the house shot him dead.
The Ettelaat attempted to insinuate that Sayyad Nejadali’s house was being investigated for “contraband”. However, after an enormous public outcry, Ettelaat’s story has changed, and it has claimed that the agents shot Sayyad by mistake.

Sayyad Nejadali was an Azerbaijani rights activist who was arrested by Iranian regime for his political activities such as organizing Bazz-Babak Castle rallies in 2002 and 2003.

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