Ettelaat Arrests Ulduz Qasimi of Urmia, South Azerbaijan

On September 5, the South Azerbaijani rights activist Ulduz Qasimi and her brother Rahman were detained by the Ettelaat ( Iranian Intelligence Agency) agents in Urmia, the capital city of West Azerbaijan.

The siblings were taken to the detention center of Urmia Ettelaat, but Rahman Qasimi was released after being subjected to harsh beatings.

Reportedly, Ulduz has been detained for merely participating in the commemoration ceremony of martyr Farzad Asadpur who was killed by iranian security forces during the 2006 anti- regime protests in South Azerbaijan.

According the relatives, the security forces stormed into her father’s residece to arrest Ulduz Qasimi without any warrant. The agents confiscated pictures, books laptop, etc.

Qasimi is well-known for the Ettelaat since she has been previously detained in numerous ocassions for her political opinion.

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