Ettelaat Agents Torture Hakima Ahmadi’s Husband

The Iranian intelligence agency, Ettelaat’s agents summoned the South Azerbaijani activist Mohammad Reza Qurbani to the Ettelaat’s Office in city of Maragha. However, they kidnapped Mr. Qurbani on his way to Maragha and severely beaten him up. They broke his arm and injured his skull.
In a video statement Mr. Qurbani has indicated the following:
“At noon, I received a phone call from Ettelaat. They demanded that I must appear in person at the Ettelaat of Maragha. When I left home, I saw a vehicle parked near my residence. One of the passengers of the vehicle approached and asked me if I was Mr. Qurbani. As soon as I confirmed my identity, he started hitting me. Other officers also joined him. After lengthy beatings, one of the attackers told me ” you can go to Maragha on Wednesday!”
According to the activist, he sustained serious head injury and injuries in his legs, but also his right wrist was broken. Mohammad Reza Gurban’s spouse Mrs. Hashimah Ahmadi has gone on hunger strike since November 9th, 2018 protesting against her unlawful detention.
Mohammadreza Gurbani previously stated that Ettelaat agents had threatened him because he shared information on his wife’s unlawful detention and torture.
Mrs. Hakima Ahmadi (pictured below) was tortured by Ettelaat agents to the extent that her ribs and fingers got broken.

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