Disputes Arise AS Astara And Heyran Seperated From Azerbaijan

Disputes between Gilanies and Azerbaijanies have arisen as the central regime of Tehran decided to separate regions and cities of Astara and Heyran from the South Azerbaijani province of Ardebil and annex them to the Province of Gilan.
Even the Azerbaijani Members of Parliament led by Mr. Gazipur of Urmia raised the issue in one of the open sittings of iranian parliament and stated that Azerbaijan starts from Astara and ends in Karaj and the government must reverse its decision and return the regions to the rightful people of Azerbaijan.
The disputes increased as the Gilan officials decided to hang boards and signs on the Heyran mountain ” welcoming guests to Gilan Province” which have been destroyed by the Azerbaijani activist in protest.
Reportedly, 3 activists have been arrested on April 9th 2018
The Commander of Astara Border Guard Nozar Muradi has officially confirmed the arrest of 3 Azerbaijani activists in that area.

According to him, the activists were detained while destroying the boards and signs and erasing the name of “Gilan”.
N.Muradi did not give any information on the identity and whereabouts of the detainees.

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