Despite Persecutions Thousands Gather at The Babak Castle

The Iranian regime has taken various precautions to prevent the Azerbaijani people from marching to Babak Castle. About 100 Azerbaijanis were detained by various security forces in various cities,50 of who are still in custody. Many activists were strictly warned that they would not go to the castle.

Checkpoints at the entrance and exit of the South Azerbaijan cities were created, and people were checked into and out of the cities.

Security measures have been strengthened at the Kaleibar settlement, where Babak Castle is located, and many police and other security personnel are currently brought to the site.Albeit all this, thousands of our compatriots gathered at the Babak Castle.

South Azerbaijani patriots from Urmia, Tabriz, Zanjan, Ardabil, Astara, Maki, Salmas, Goshachay, Ming Qala, Tikantepe, Sulduz, Eher, Merand, Khoy, Mushchin Shahr (Khiyav), Halhal, Maragha, Sarab, Karaj, Qazvin, Kum and others were able to break through the checkpoints and commomorat Babak, The national hero of Azerbaijan at his historic castle.

On 5th July, participants of the ceremony performed Azerbaijani music, performed dances and carried out various programs around Babek Castle. Click to see the video of South Azerbaijanis Gather at Babek Castle 05th July 2018

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