The trial of group of Azerbaijani activist was conducted by the Islamic Tribunal of the city of Ahar of South Azerbaijan on August 8 2017. The activists Abbas Lisani, Rahim Qulami, Asgar Akberzade, Akbar Abulzada va İbrahim Nuri , Shapur Nosratpur, İsrafil Fatullazada, Mahammad Rahmanifar, Murtaza Mahammadi, Meysam Jolani, Meysam Azadi, Beytulla Barzgar, Mansur Saifi, Habib Abulzada and Vahid Faizpur were arrested during the a peaceful protest on the International Day of Mother Language on 20th of February 2014 and released on bail awaiting for their trial.
Most of the activists have submitted their closing statements in Azerbaijani Turkic in order to demonstrate their peaceful disobedience against the fascistic cultural policy of Iranian regime.

The tribunal has refused to consider any statements made in non- Farsi language. Nevertheless, the activists refused to speak or submit written statements in Farsi which is the sole official language in Iran.
With over 35 million Turkic citizens, Iran not only bans, but also criminalizes Turkic language and related cultural activities.
Since the invasion of South Azerbaijan in 1946, both the former Shah and current Islamic regimes have outlawed Turkish language and culture in Iran.

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