A Peaceful Protestor Ali Gaderi of Tabriz Convicted

Ali Gaderi, accused of organizing anti-regime protest in the city of Tabriz during recent unrest in December 2017 has been convicted to 6 months jail by the Tabriz Revolutionary Tribunal.

He was accused of violating the public order by participating actively in illegal gatherings. He was sentenced to three months conditional imprisonment by the 103rd Tabriz Criminal Court.

Gadiri was also sentenced to six months in prison by the 2nd Tabriz Revolutionary Court on charges of propaganda against the Islamic Regime.

The protests started in Mashad in the last days of 2017 and have swept over 80 cities, and security forces have responded to the protests with firearms.Thousands of protesters were detained in recent protests in Iran, at least 25 protestors killed by security forces.

There were minor gatherings in Tabriz as the South Azerbaijanis were not very active during the December protests in Iran arguing that such protests were engineered by rival fractions of Tehran regime, do not recognize or comply with the political and cultural demands of the South Azerbaijanis.

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