South Azerbaijani Lawmaker Calls for Anti-Racist Law

Ruhulla Hazratpur, a South Azerbaijani Member of the Iranian parliament who represents the city of Urmia, raised the issue of anti- racism law in his Sunday speech in the parliament. He demanded that a law which criminalizes racist slurs and comments against the ethnics and peoples in Iran is the only way to stop the madness of Persian racists.

Mr. Hazrpetpur(pictured) expressed his concern over the fact that the officials have been ignoring the actions of Persian racists: “Unfortunately, we are witnessing the humiliation of the Azerbaijani population and the officials neglecting it.”
Hazratpur has indicated that the only way to stop racism in Iran is to pas a law criminalizing racist slurs and slogans.

It is a known fact that the Turks and other ethnics are frequently insulted by Persian official and private affiliates who enjoy full impunity. The movies, shows, mass media and even school textbooks freely depict non-Fars ethnics, insult and make mockery of them.

Most recently, for instance, the spectators of Tehran’s “Isteghlal” and “Piruzi” soccer teams, were constantly uttering racist slurs against iranian citizens of Turkic origin.
Nevertheless, neither the offenders nor the teams have been punished by the Football Federation’s Administrative Committee. This is also contrary to the laws of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA).

On March 1, supporters of Istiglal and Piruzi teams in the Tehran sport arena were chanting the chauvinistic and violent slogans such as “Let’s kills the Turks”.

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